Remember When: The Anthology

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Remember When: The Anthology was a PBS television show first broadcast August 13, 2005 as a fund raiser. The show was made available on DVD as a premium for donating to PBS. In 2009, this DVD was re-released on the Netherlands-based Alpha Centauri Entertainment label as Story of a Life.

This show features Sandy Chapin, Jen Chapin, and Josh Chapin interviews interspersed with various live archival performances.


Complete tracks of the songs were blended into the narrative of the original hour long TV program.

Bonus Features (These tracks were not included on the original TV program.)


Release history

Country Date Label Format Catalog Additional information
United States 2005 MPI Media DVD
Netherlands 2009 Alpha Centauri Entertainment DVD Released as Story of a Life

Video Performances

This performance of Dancin' Boy from a 1977 appearance on the TV Show Don Kirshner's Rock Concert. An introduction by son Josh explains the motivation for the song.

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