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The New York Times newspaper is the largest daily newspaper in the United States. The paper has covered Harry when he and his brothers were performing at the Village Gate in June 1971.

Some of the content requires as a paid subscription, but much of the content is available for free at Two other Chapin fan sites: The Harry Chapin Archive at and Short Stories at have archived copies of some New York Times articles.

Notable articles

  • March 28, 1971 - Tubridy Makes Song Debut is one of two reviews that becomes the motivation for Harry's Mr. Tanner[1]
  • July 24, 1971 - Harry's performance at the Village Gate is favorably reviewed.[2]
  • July 25, 1971 - Harry and his brother band interviews the Chapin's in a piece that covers the family's music background.[3]
  • February 17, 1972 - Tubridy, a Bass-Baritone, Performs in 2d Recital Here is the second review on which Harry's Mr. Tanner is based.[4]
  • July 15, 2001 - Jaime Chapin and Timothy Miller wedding coverage with pictures and interviews[5]


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