VH1: Behind the Music (TV show)

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VH1 featured Harry Chapin as one of many musicians in the biographical music series. The episode featuring Harry Chapin premiered on July 19, 1998. A companion audio CD featuring Harry Chapin music from the show is also available. The TV show is not available on video.

Performance credits

Production Credits

  • Executive Producer- George Moll
  • Producer - Paul Barrusse
  • Supervising Producer - Paul Gallagher
  • Coordinating Producer - Rick Qualliotine
  • Editor - Rick Roberts
  • Associate Producer - Julee Margulies
  • Archivist - Howard Fields
  • Photos - Rick Kohlmeyer, David Fuchs, Mike Grayeb, Leslie Ramme, Tom Gaynor
  • Executive Consultant - Guy Rosenthal
  • Executive Producer - Jeff Gaspin

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