The Mayor of Candor Lied

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The Mayor of Candor Lied is a Harry Chapin song released on the On the Road to Kingdom Come album. This story song includes a strong zinger in the final verse, where the main character of the song finds out he is the illegitimate son of the father of the girl he has fallen in love with, making them brother and sister. The actions of the father to keep them apart earlier in the song are now placed in a complete different light.


First release



  • In 1999, Welsh singer-songwriter Martyn Joseph covered "Mayor of Candor Lied" on his Far from Silent. In 2004, he included the song on a compilation album featuring other covers on his Run to Covers. The Far from Silent album is now available in a limited edition 3 album special box set. A concert review of a 1999 performance describing the song as ".. an excellent piece of writing.." [1]

Cultural references

In the 2008 NCIS episode "Heartland", the father character takes numerous steps to prevent a young man from seeing his daughter including having him assaulted, placed in jail, and sent into the marines where he goes overseas to fight. Rumor is spread that he has died in combat when he had. In Mayor of Candor Lied, the father actually sent his daughter over seas for the same underlying reason, to prevent his illegitimate son and daughter from becoming lovers.[2]


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