The Chapin Sisters Sing the Chapin Brothers

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The Chapin Sisters Sing the Chapin Brothers is the first commercial release by The Chapin Sisters This 2004 release features the songs of their father Tom Chapin and uncle Harry Chapin.

Track listing

  1. "When I Look Up" - written by Harry Chapin
  2. "Miracle in the Rain"
  3. "Remember" - written by Tom Chapin
  4. "Sorrow Takes a Bow" - written by Tom Chapin
  5. "Saturday Morning" - written by Tom Chapin
  6. "Ladies of the Line" - written by Tom Chapin
  7. "When You Let Your Baby Down"
  8. "Just Another Story"- written by Tom Chapin
  9. "Shooting Star"- written by Harry Chapin
  10. " Remember When the Music" - written by Harry Chapin

Release history

Date Label Format Catalog Additional information
2004 Sundance Music CD