Six String Orchestra

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Six String Orchestra is a Harry Chapin song released on the Verities and Balderdash album. This song is another seemingly autobiographically-based story of persistence that features an intentionally off-key chorus. Harry was often knocked by the critics for being more of a story teller than a musician or singer. In early live performances of the song the title was "Twelve String Orchestra."


First release



  • In January 1980, this song was included in the Muppet Show Star Wars episode skit. It was sung by Scooter. The lyrics were changed slightly as different instruments were used in the Muppet orchestra on the show. This was released on VHS in 1985 Muppet release, Children's Songs and Stories with the Muppets. This performance was also released on DVD in 2003 on the three episode DVD, The Best of The Muppet Show with Mark Hamill, Paul Simon, and Raquel Welch.
  • In 1990, The Smothers Brothers performance from the 1987 Harry Chapin Tribute Concert was released on the Harry Chapin Tribute recording.

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