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Harry Chapin appeared on the Merv Griffin show on February 3, 1978 [1] and again in 1980[2] .

David Soul also appeared on the 1978 show. The interview of David Soul with a sidebar discussion with Harry Chapin is available on You Tube The interview features a discussion of Harry's grandfather artist Jim Chapin who Merv Griffin knew. A longer version of the story about "good tired and bad tired" is featured on The Gold Medal Collection. Harry Chapin: The Howie Fields Years lists this as being recorded on May 2, 1977 [2] but the air date of February 3, 1978 is some 9 months later. These are perhaps two different performances, the February 1978 date could be a rebroadcast or some exceptional scheduling delays resulted in the time gap.

The Chapin Brothers also appeared on the Merv Griffin show a couple of times in the mid-1960s.[3]

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