Make a Wish

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Make a Wish was a children's TV show hosted by Tom Chapin that ran from 1971 to 1976. The show was on at 11:30AM Eastern, 10:30AM Central. The half hour show was broken into 2 segments, each focusing on one word or idea. Harry Chapin wrote songs for those segments (but not the title theme song). Understanding the format of the show was to have new songs for each episode, Tom convinced the producers to hire Harry to write the songs for the show.

The show won a Peabody in 1971. The awards committee cited the show for "understanding and respect for the intelligence of the youthful audience". In 1973 the show won an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement In Children's Programming.

Harry's song Circle was originally written for Make a Wish.


Season 1 (1971-1972)

Season 2 (1972-1973)

Season 3 (1973-1974)

June 19 - Featured segments were Heart and Silver.

Season 4 (1974-1975)

Season 5 (1975-1976)


Each 15 minute segment typically included a song written Harry Chapin that followed the theme of that segment. The segments included:

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