Harry Chapin numerology

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This article is purely trivial discussion of numbers related to Harry Chapin.

  • 1 - Number of drummers Howie Fields, bass players Big John Wallace, and keyboardist Steve Chapin
  • 2 - Harry has two lead guitarists Ron Palmer and Doug Walker
  • 3 - Times busted out of college.
  • 5 - Harry had 5 different cellists
  • 9 - Studio albums release during his life time
  • 11 - Albums released during his life time
  • 16 - House address on Parkside Lane in the song Taxi
  • 33 - Age at which Chapin started writing There Only Was One Choice "When I started this song I was still thirty-three/The age that Mozart died and sweet Jesus was set free/Keats and Shelley too soon finished, Charley Parker would be/And I fantasized some tragedy'd be soon curtailing me"
  • 37 - Number of people killed ("got his message so far") in the song Sniper
  • 38 - Age at which Harry Chapin died
  • 30,000 - Number of bananas in the Chapin song 30,000 Pounds of Bananas