Don Kirshner's Rock Concert

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Harry Chapin appeared three times on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert. This show was an 90 minute show typically featuring just one or two musical acts per show along with a comedy act or two. The show was on at 12:30 on Friday nights. The show was often just billed as Rock Concert.

On June 25, 1976, Harry appeared with brother Tom and Loudon Wainright III. Chapin songs included Dreams Go By, Cat's in the Cradle, and Better Place to Be.

On November 26, 1976 Harry, Tom, and Steve were featured. Harry performed Taxi, If My Mary Were Here, Corey's Coming, The Mayor of Candor Lied and Bluesman. Tom performed Moments and Hey Mama. Steve performed Let Time Go Lightly. Also appearing were comic Gary Muledeer and comedy group the New Untouchables.

A 1977 episode featured Harry with Tom and Steve again. Songs included Dancin' Boy, Mr. Tanner, Flowers are Red, Jenny, Poor Damned Fool, and Better Place to Be. Tom performed City of Mercy and one other song. Steve performed Love is Not in Season. Also appearing were a magic act, and comedy by the Village Idiots and Tim Thomerson. The performance of Dancin' Boy from this show was featured on Remember When: The Anthology DVD.

The Rock Concert series has not be released on video. Historic Films owns the rights to these recordings and licenses them for specific uses. Dancin' Boy mentioned below is one such use.

Video Performances

This performance from the 1977 show was anthologized on the 2005 PBS TV show Remember When: The Anthology. An introduction by son Josh explains the motivation for the song.

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