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The Chapin Brothers was a folk music trio featuring a young Harry Chapin, Tom Chapin, and Steve Chapin. Their first performance was in 1957. They release their first and only album in 1966. They played the club scene off and on until 1967. A few singles were also released in support of the album.

The brother's dad, Jim Chapin, a renowned jazz drummer in his own right joined the band for the album and some live performances. As the band became more rock influenced Jim was replaced by childhood friend and fellow Grace Church choir member Phil Forbes.

When the band broke up as Harry entered the film business and Tom and Steve went back to college.



Year Album Category Label Format(s) Additional information
1966 Chapin Music! Studio Rock-Land Records LP


Year Songs Label Format(s) Country Additional information
1966 Come Back Strong/On the Road Rock-Land RR 661 Vinyl 7" US
1966 Breathe/Someone Keeps Calling My Name Rock-Land RR 663 Vinyl 7" US
1966 Old Time Movies/Not Your Kind Rock-Land Vinyl 7" US
1966 Old Time Movies/The Swinging Group Rock-Land 664A Vinyl 7" US