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Harry Chapin released his first two albums. Heads and Tales is released in the spring and is followed with a live performances and appearances on numerous TV programs. Sniper and Other Love Songs is released later in the year. Taxi hits the charts and Harry becomes a crowd favorite in his live performances. Harry receives first of his two Grammy nominations for Best New Artist.

Tom starts his second year of hosting of Make a Wish.


Day by Day


  • 12 - Harry's first major performance is opening for Carly Simon at Symphony Hall in Boston. In what is to become a tradition, Harry was almost late for this gig.[1] As Harry wowed the audience perhaps too much for an opening act, Billboard Magazine reported there was an ego problem in pairing the two Elektra artists on the same bill.[2]






  • 6 - Rolling Stone's David Rensin interviews Harry. In Harry Chapin Takes 'Taxi' Wherever He Can.



  • 25 - Sounds (magazine) - Jerry Gilbert interviews Harry Chapin over breakfast. "Chapin has an alarmingly strong personality and comes on like a politician with positive views on all manner of affairs" [5]


Spec magazine interviews Harry.

Harry Chapin performances

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